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Mindful Scientific Writing

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Do you struggle to start writing?

 Get this free pdf with 6 tips to motivate yourself to start writing, and doing so with focus and confidence


Do you struggle to start writing?

 Get this free pdf with 6 tips to motivate yourself to start writing, and doing so with focus and confidence


Mindful Productivity for Scientists is the second course of “I focus and write”. This coaching program comes from something I kept hearing from many scientists and academics that receive my emails…their main challenge when it comes to writing is to FOCUS. And I get it because that’s where the name “I focus and write” comes from.  You need to focus to write. But before that, you need to learn to manage your time, your projects, and your energy! And you may not need a writing course because you already took one or you are already quite experienced at writing.


This is a 10-week online program specially designed for PhDs, Postdocs, and early tenured scientists. You’ll have access to video lessons with instructions to design a productivity system that works for you. It’s a practical course, so in every lesson, you’ll receive some points to take action. Examples of these action steps are: defining your strengths, setting goals, finding your priorities, and planning your days and weeks. It also includes group meetings via zoom (5 meetings of about 1 hour) where I’ll answer all your questions and you’ll interact with the other students, all with similar challenges as yours!  


By the end of this course you can expect results like this:

  • A productivity system. This is something that scientists are rarely trained into. And it can change the way you work forever! No more endless to-do lists that end you frustrated and anxious. No more putting fires off the whole week without advancing on what matters to you. And no more guilt when you are not working. 

  • A deeper knowledge of yourself. Because if you don’t know who you are (and I don’t mean your name…), what are your strengths, what are your values, or why you do what you do, academic life is going to be hard. We’ll work from the inside out, so you can define that system that works for YOU!

  • Confidence. Yeah!!! Because you probably need it….it is estimated that 80% of scientists suffer Impostor syndrome, that feeling of not being good enough. The good news is, you can learn tools to control that voice (and here mindfulness comes!). And all the other voices that are stopping you from taking action and finishing things! You’ll leave with a box full of tools to control your limiting beliefs and mental blocks.

Does this sound like you? Then sign up in the "interested" list, and I’ll let you know as soon as doors open! 

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Online course
Mindful Productivity for Scientists

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Jordi Gamir Felip

Post-doctoral researcher

University Jaume I, Spain


During my lab years, I was pretty organized, but I lost the habit along the way. And this lack of organization and distractions did not let me focus. This course has helped me to plan my work again. And more importantly, to identify what are those tasks that are moving my career forward and prioritize them! This course can suit different types of people… Those who are not organized will learn how to plan and set goals (among other things!). People who are organized will learn how to apply many concepts that may be familiar but did not know how to implement (my case). 


Yang Song

Post-doctoral researcher

Utrecht University

The Netherlands

I'm not a planning person, I just do what I feel like. It used to work but often I ended up continuously working for 12h and totally break down the next day. Now I use a weekly planner, batch my tasks and try to simplify! These changes have allowed me to make time for things that really matter…those that are in line with my priorities and my values. This course has opened my eyes that many things I often do are just procrastinating or perfection-seeking. I definitely should have done this course earlier. I'm having a better work-life balance after this course.


Teresa Quijano

PhD researcher

 Universidad de Yucatan-CSIC, Mexico-Spain

Before I took this course I had some organization. But, I was having trouble keeping my energy high and, some days II was anxious about having a lot of things to do. After the course, I watch those tasks with perspective, confidently prioritizing, and even asking for help! One of my favorite things I’ve learned is to set ambitious goals and break them down into little pieces. And of course, the chatting part with all the participants was a highlight!


Erika Diaz-Almeyda

Assistant Professor

New College of Florida, USA

After taking this course, I am now more compassionate with myself. The examples in the lessons are so specific to the life of a scientist that now I realize some things that before were not so evident to me. I am good at what I do! Only I’ve been often surrounded by unrealistic expectations, which made me believe I was not good enough. A clear outcome of taking this course is that now my productivity is more consistent, and those moments of not feeling “good enough” have almost disappeared! Plus, I love the community of cooperative and conscious scientists in the courses of “I focus and write”.