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The Mindful Scientific Writing Course is now closed for enrolment. The next edition will be in 2022, so if you are interested sign in in the button above to stay updated. It is an ONLINE 10-week program for early-career scientists (PhDs, postdocs, and assistant professors) that want to write an experimental paper (with the classical IMRaD structure), and develop a strategy to write with confidence and less stress. After two editions, I decided increase the length of the program, but you'll have access to all the videos in case you want to go faster! Here below you can have a preliminary look at the three main outcomes you’ll get from this course:


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  • A strategy to write ALL your experimental articles. If you never took a scientific writing course, I recommend you to find one! Of course, I would like to see you signing with this one. But if you are not sure, please, find one that suits you. You won’t regret ;) In this course, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide that you can use over and over to write your full manuscripts. I will also give you tips to avoid the most common mistakes when writing.


  • An almost complete draft of your paper. Perhaps you took one course (or several), but it was too technical, too short, or it did not involve time to actually write your paper. This is not just a course, it is a 10-week program where you will have the time and the accountability to write your experimental paper (if you have data for it!). If you don’t have your data yet, don´t worry, you can still write a big part of your manuscript, and you´ll get the outcomes 1 and 3. A unique aspect of this program compared with other online courses is the feedback. We will do 5 online group meetings to discuss any questions, we will review some key sections of your manuscript to help you start, and I will be answering any doubt it arises along the way. Not bad right?


  • A mindful approach to your academic life. This is the unique aspect of this program that you don’t see often in other courses (and I hope that changes soon!). As a scientist, you will be writing a lot during your whole career, so it is essential you have tools to manage some of the common mental struggles. Here I will add as a bonus, simple yoga videos and audios with meditations you can do whenever you want. But if you think this is not for you, I totally get it, and you are very welcome to ignore that content and focus on the outcomes 1 and 2, no judgement, I promise! 

If you are interested, or you think it can be good for PhDs or postdocs you supervise, please click here below and I will send you an update when I publish more about this program. And as usual, you can always send me an email here.


Jess Kansman

Post-doc researcher, Penn State, US


My main struggle was managing stress and anxiety while writing. In this course I have learned how important writing in a relaxed state is for my productivity. Now I exchange scrolling on my phone for reading a book, taking a walk, or doing a meditation. I feel since then I have better ideas, make less mistakes, and enjoy the process more. I feel like I have a writing plan that I can implement- and that helps me a lot! Now I have a true approach and philosophy around writing that I am confident about.


Jamin Ali

PhD candidate, Keele University, UK


I have learned a lot from this course, especially about how to organise each section and their content. That was my main challenge before joining “Mindful Scientific Writing”.  After attending this course, I found myself as a motivated person, and I feel writing is not a daunting process if you get proper guidance and write every day! I strongly recommend this course, especially for early-career scientists. 


Isabel Belda

PhD candidate, Universidad Pública de Navarra, Spain

In this course I have learned the importance of having a routine, schedule my time, practice free writing and lot of tips! I used to have problems to organize my time in a productive way, and have clear words in my mind to write. Now I am more efficient in my writing and more productive in general. And I feel more confident about my writing!


Xiangyu Liu

PhD candidate, Leiden University, Netherlands

When I joined this course I had no idea of how to write a paper and always felt negative about my research. Now I know some tricks to improve my writing and more importantly, to stay positive about my results, which can inspire and be useful for other scientists. An important change is that I keep writing almost every workday. Sometimes I just do some easy writing to continue my work. And the next day, I find it's not that bad and improve it!