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Here you can download a "gift box" with some of the most popular free resources of "I focus and write". This includes a printable weekly planner so you can have a more productive week, a PDF guide to start writing more mindfully, and a meditation audio to bring calm into your day!

Virtual gift "box" for ESA attendants

The weekly planner​

Planning while having clear priorities is the key to a productive week. This is a two-page planner that you can print and use to plan and create mental space 🙌🏼 

It includes space to reflect about what has worked and what hasn't, so you can solve that the next week ;) It's a highlight among my students.

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The starter kit for a more mindful scientific writing

This PDF guide will help you create the right environment and mindset to start writing, one of the most difficult phases in the writing process!

The meditation kit

 This is a set of three mp3 files (one body scan, a breathing exercise, and walking meditation) and a PDF guide to help you choose your style (and with links to more meditations!). I created this kit to go with a column I published in Nature about building a meditation routine.

What are other academics saying about the meditation?
For those who don't know me...

Hi, I’m Ana Pineda, PhD and I help academics like you to focus and write, mindfully. What does that mean? I teach one online course on scientific writing and one course on productivity,  where you write your scientific article and learn to make time to write, to stay focused, and to feel confident about your work. I am also a scientist with more than 15 years of experience in Spain (Alicante) and in The Netherlands (Wageningen). I am a Biologist crazy about insects, microbes, plants, and ecology (who is not?). Ah! and also a yoga teacher. My mission? To make this world better by helping scientists to have a more productive, more creative, and happier research life.

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