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Here below you can find the courses and retreat that I focus and write currently offers to individual scientists. Just click on the images to read about each specific program!

We also offer a range of formats for Universities, if you're interested, just send me an email!
Take your research proposal to new heights 🚀
If you want to write a grant (ERC, Marie Curie and others), The Academic Launchpad is for you!
Our Mindful Scientific Writing and Productivity courses have now merged into a NEW and unique program!
Now OPEN! Details below 👇
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The key to achieving your goals is to set them first the right way. Enroll now in this low-cost workshop to set your goals following the SMART system, "the mindful way". Perfect for this period at the middle of the year!
Our writing retreat will come back 3-4 July. But do you know I can always organize one for your research group or your department? Just send me an email!
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