Goal setting and planning for the new academic year (the "mindful way")
Design the path with the steps you need to take to achieve your goals this year, gather the motivation you’ll need, and fall again in love with the process on the way there!

 You know what your goals are (or maybe not totally…)

But you just don’t have the time and energy to do everything that’s needed. So you may feel behind and guilty about several of those things you wanted to finish. About those co-authors waiting for you to finish the paper. About your supervisor waiting you finish your data analyses…And in the meantime, your motivation keeps going down, while the overwhelm goes up.

If that’s you, it’s time to revise those goals and refine your goal-setting system. And, in case you wonder, you’re not alone!

And I’ve made something for you! Now let me introduce you to the…


Goal setting and planning for the new academic year (the "mindful way")
Design the path with the steps you need to take to achieve your goals this year, gather the motivation you’ll need, and fall again in love with the process on the way there 

This is not just a theory class on goal setting. This is a workshop where you'll have the space and time to design a plan on how to achieve the goals that really matter to YOU without losing the motivation long the way...and no more spending time on tasks that bring you nowhere!

The end result


A clear plan of what you need to do the coming months to achieve your goals. A plan that you feel so good about, that you can't avoid to take the first steps...things that you kept postponing for weeks! 

And when you come out of the workshop, you may feel like this:


Gabriela Córdoba
PhD researcher
Catalan Institute for Water Research, Spain

This workshop gave me space and tools to better plan my goals for the next six months. I had some things in my mind planned for this year but they weren´t structured and written in a realistic and specific way, so sometimes it became overwhelming. An “a-ha” moment was to realize that you need to plan your work goals but also your personal goals because energy and time are limited. After the workshop, I feel better about my goals and future projects. I needed this time to think about how to achieve the things I want to achieve for the rest of 2021. Also, the workbook it's really helpful, I'm looking forward to filling it!  


Rosie Sheward
Postdoctoral researcher
Goethe-Universitat Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Ana's workshop encourages you to reflect on what you have achieved so far and what you need to change to move forward. She then takes you step-by-step to define the best goals for your work and personal life and gives you inspiration and structure to think about your motivators. It's a really good investment of a few hours of your day for thought and reflection to stay (or get back!) on track and give yourself some optimism for why you're doing what you want to do over the next months! I realised that although I had done some detailed planning, I had bypassed mapping these tasks to specific goals, and particularly linking those day-to-day tasks to larger motivators, the "why is this goal even important to me?".


Tibo Costaz

PhD researcher

Wageningen University, The Netherlands


I never had a clear overview of goals for any of my Ph.D. years. Now, I think that having measurable steps towards your goals is key because it gives you a nice feeling of accomplishment along the way (or the realization that perhaps it is not what you like to do and should change). After this workshop, I feel motivated for most of my goals, and definitely recommend it!


Marta Albo

Postdoctoral researcher

University of Algarve, Portugal


I had a broad idea of the goals I wanted to achieve, but they were not specific and had no structure. This workshop helped me block a time to sit down and write, not only those goals but also a plan with the tasks to make them happen (which for some I didn’t believe was possible). In the past I´ve been always thinking "I must do that, or finish that because it is what is expected from me" but I often forgot to enjoy the process, losing the motivation to finish things. Ana puts into words these feelings, and how instead, to fall in love with the process and set goals with compassion. If you have problems planning your goals and make them achievable, and you are looking for motivation to write down those goals, then the workshop will be perfect for you.

The details 


This 2-hour workshop is a series of small videos from a past "live" workshop. You'll have access to the recording for 1 month (plus a workbook, weekly, monthly and yearly planners, and a PDF with the slides for you to keep forever). 

Join in now for
37 €
Why a goal-setting workshop?


Because you're probably busy. The to-do list of every scientist I know is huge. And only looking at it triggers immediate stress! And the problem is not that it's long...the problem is that you may get lost and forget what is important to you.

Setting goals is not just writing what you want to achieve. It starts with reflecting on what you REALLY want. And then continues by formulating those goals in a specific way...based on the S.M.A.R.T. goals, we will make them even S.M.A.R.T.E.R. But as usual, in a mindful way!

The result? A higher chance that you achieve those goals (actually, by 42%). And a clear plan with what you need to do to get there. Not to mention, a boost in motivation!

Are you in?

What​ you'll get from this 2-hour goal-setting workshop

  • Clarity of what has gone well and not so well in the past period

  • Your goals for the next period formulated in a SMARTER way

  • A step-by-step plan to achieve those goals

  • The key motivators for when you feel like dropping some goals

For those who don't know me...

Hi, I’m Ana Pineda, PhD and I help academics like you to focus and write, mindfully. What does that mean? I teach one online course on scientific writing and one course on productivity,  where you write your scientific article and learn to make time to write, to stay focused, and to feel confident about your work. I am also a scientist with more than 15 years of experience in Spain (Alicante) and in The Netherlands (Wageningen). I am a Biologist crazy about insects, microbes, plants, and ecology (who is not?). Ah! and also a yoga teacher. My mission? To make this world better by helping scientists to have a more productive, more creative, and happier research life.


For who is this workshop? 


This workshop is designed for you, if you are a scientist or an academic and can at least answer yes to one of these things:


  • You’re planning to do too many things every day, week, and month (and then feel like a “failure” for not finishing them)

  • You’re jumping from goal to goal, feeling overwhelmed and without focus

  • You say yes to things you should say no to and then have zero motivation for them!

  • You had goals. But they were not very specific and now you realize you cannot do what needs to be done. So you just drop them (and oops, again that “failure” feeling).

Any "yes"? Then you’re in the right place!

But I also need to tell you that this program is probably NOT for you if:

  • You are not willing to reflect and dig a bit inside you…You need that work to find out what motivates you. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to achieve goals that stretch you out of your comfort zone (and we'll plan some of those!).

  • You are seeking a solution to feelings of depression or burnout. I am not a therapist. These are serious issues that require professional help, so if you feel you need that kind of help, please contact a professional. Most Universities will offer support.




Yes. The workshop happened "live" in July 2021. The next "live edition" will be in December. But I thought I'd leave it here in case someone needs it! Is that you?



Unfortunately, not. The time that takes me to arrange another form of payment is not worth the cost of the workshop. I recommend you to ask someone the favor of paying for you, or sign up for the Mindful Productivity Course when it opens which includes this workshop (for that course I arrange other payment systems).



Totally. Because this is not a class, but a space where you´ll have the time and guidance to go accompanied through the goal-setting process. Plus, this time you’ll do it following the “mindful approach” that characterizes “I focus and write”.



Not at all! I recommend every scientist at any stage of their career to do a goal-setting exercise twice a year. However, the programs of “I focus and write” are mainly designed for early-career scientists at the stage of Ph.D., Postdoc, and early Assistant Professors.



Nope. You can have a look at the free resources of my web to see the style of what I do here. If you cannot attend you can watch the recording for 1 month. And if you have any question, just send me an email at ana@ifocusandwrite.com