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Meditation "box"

Here you can download a  FREE set of three mp3 files (one body scan, a breathing exercise, and walking meditation) and a meditation PDF guide to help you choose your style (and with links to more meditations!). People tell me they feel relaxed after practising these audios. I also can concentrate better on my writing and helps me to keep going when I am stuck!

And... If you are interested on building a meditation routine for a more productive, creative and happier scientific life, have a look at my latest piece in Nature Careers! (yes, you heard well ;)). Just click the logo
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For those who don't know me...

Hi, I’m Ana Pineda, PhD and I help academics like you to focus and write. I've taken everything I've learned from more than 15 years of doing research and helped more than 400 scientists with their writing and productivity so they can feel confident with their work. Through my courses, workshops like this, and writing retreats, we follow a mindful approach to get things done. But the things that matter to you! My mission is to make this world better by helping scientists to have a more productive, more creative, and happier research life. Should we start?

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