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Writing is a crucial skill for scientists.

You “just” need time, a strategy and the right mindset.

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Who am I?

Hi, I’m Ana Pineda, PhD and I help scientists like you to write articles mindfully. What does that mean? I teach ONLINE COURSES (have a look here!) where you write and learn to make time to write, to stay focused, and to feel confident about your work. I am also a scientist, crazy about insects, microbes, plants, and ecology (who is not?). Ah! and also a yoga teacher. My mission? to help you have a more productive and happier research life. 


Many of us started writing articles as an observing, trial, and error process. But there are many strategies to write in a structured way that allows you to be more productive. Not mentioning the whole field of time management! Picture this, you finally found time to write between experiments, classes and meetings. But then how can you stay focused and write with all the distractions around you, that new email you just received, or that WhatsApp message? I'll show you some techniques to train your brain to focus. But first, you can get here a free weekly planner to schedule some writing time!

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When you think on "creativity", writing a scientific paper is probably not the first image that comes to your mind. But creativity is everywhere in science, from coming with novel research questions, to placing your results in an exciting new context. And definitely you'll need it when you want put words in a manuscript that others will want to read. But as scientists our minds are all the time working, and this does not allow the creative part of our brain to work optimally. Are you done with waiting for inspiration to come? Let's invite her together! You can start with this meditation box, then creativity just flows!



Being a scientist is one of the most beautiful jobs I can think of. But the pressure, especially to publish, and the job uncertainty are not fun. And the stress can make this career a nightmare. As a scientist you'll need to write a lot…papers, your PhD thesis, grant proposals and more! Having a productive and stress-free writing method will definitely help you to be happier. But at another level, practicing meditation and breathing exercises can also help you to place things in perspective, and simply be happier with your life (ok, probably not every single moment, but that's fine too!).

How can I help you?

I want to start

Starting is the most difficult phase for most of us. Have you been postponing it with multiple excuses? No more! Get here my FREE starter-kit to mindful scientific writing with steps so you can create the right mindset to start writing now.


I want to write

I teach online courses for early-career scientists where you can  write your experimental paper, but also learn practical tips to improve your productivity and writing. Right on the spot. All sprinkled with some mindfulness!

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The best way is to subscribe here, then you'll get an e-mail every couple of weeks. I promise a comedy view of the dramas of scientific life. And of course, you can always send me an email to talk about life or discuss a customised program! 

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