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The “I focus and write” series
(because we’ll have two masterclasses)
Learn how to improve your writing and to plan your work, so you can focus, and get things done with confidence! (without sacrificing your time and energy: basically, designing the scientific life that works for you!)

You love being a scientist or an academic.

But you are just too want to learn a different way of working. So you can make an impact with your research (and you know that involves writing), while still enjoy your free time, without guilt and feeling exhausted.

(and you're committed to taking action!)

The details


We’ll have two FREE masterclasses in Zoom on Wednesday and Thursday 8th-9th September 2021, one on writing and one on productivity. You can attend one or both, and also, you’ll receive the replay just in case.

"5 writing mistakes we scientists make
and how to fix them"

Wednesday, 8th September 
"Why managing your time is not enough to be productive (and how to solve it!)"

Thursday, 9th September 
For each masterclass, you have two opportunities to join (trying to suit different time zones). You just need to register by clicking on one of the buttons below:
Register to receive the replay link

As someone with a brilliant mind that has lots to share with the scientific community and the world (that’s YOU! Don’t look back, and please don’t blush…), writing should be your priority. And there are several mistakes that I see scientists making over and over. Mistakes I did myself too. Some of them, easily solved!


But to write and to finish all the things on your plate that keep increasing as you advance in your career, you need to make time and focus!


You may have tried to fit in your daily planner those urgent things from your to-do list. But as that list keeps growing, by the end of the week you don't remember what you've achieved.


That's because managing your time is not enough. Because other factors define how you, as the unique person you are, can be most productive. And they may be different from your boss or your colleagues!


These FREE masterclasses will help you to introduce some tweaks in your writing and productivity strategies, so you can finally focus and write! 

What will you learn?

In the PRODUCTIVITY masterclass you'll leave with:

  • The 5 building blocks of a more human productivity system you need to have in place to focus and get things done

  • The ONE mindset shift that will move you from doubting about yourself, to confidently keep advancing and finishing those things that matter to you

  • A boost of motivation to focus and do your cool research,while still enjoy your free time without feeling guilty!

And in the WRITING masterclass you’ll learn:

  • 3 strategies to immediately improve your writing skills. Small tweaks that will make your life easier (including a marketing technique!) 

  • Why change your mindset about how you approach writing so you can get back that motivation that sometimes leaves us.

  • Why you should be writing now, and how to make time for it

What other attendants have said from “I focus and write” masterclasses

(webinar is a patented word 😱 so not using it anymore!):

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Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 13.jpg
Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 13 copy.jpg
For those who don't know me...

Hi, I’m Ana Pineda, PhD and I help academics like you to focus and write. I've taken everything I've learned from more than 15 years of doing research, and helped more than 100 scientists with their writing and productivity so they can feel confident with their work. Through my courses, writing retreats, and free materials like this, we follow a mindful approach to get things done. But the things that matter to you!

I am also a scientist with more than 15 years of experience in Spain (Alicante) and in The Netherlands (Wageningen). I am a Biologist crazy about insects, microbes, plants, and ecology (who is not?). Ah! and also a yoga teacher. My mission? To make this world better by helping scientists to have a more productive, more creative, and happier research life.


For who are these FREE masterclasses? 


These masterclasses are designed for you, if you are a scientist or an academic and can at least answer yes to one of these things:

  • You work too much, and still, your massive to-do list that just gets longer every day, while your writing is stuck

  • You want a more human productivity. Not just the "do more" type

  • You feel guilty ALL the time: for working too much and for not finishing those papers

  • You wonder whether you are actually good enough to do this work

Any "yes"? Then you’re in the right place!

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