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Where to find free straightforward guided meditations?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

This is starting…welcome all to my first blog post ever! And I thought of starting with something that I have been sending and trying to convince friends and colleagues around the globe of doing: meditating. I can imagine that the idea of sitting for an hour on the floor before the sun raises may not be for everybody, but that’s not the only way of meditating. Meditation is a technique for resting the mind, where you start paying attention and slowly letting the mind turn inwards to reach a stage of calm. Meditation has proven to have plenty of benefits, such as improving stress management, concentration and creativity. You can meditate simply paying attention to your breath, giving a walk or doing many other activities mindfully. But for many of us is easier to listen to a voice that guides us in the process of quieting the mind. So here there are some of my favorite free resources:

1) Insight timer

This is an amazing free app that you can install in your smartphone. You will need to register but that’s an easy process. The 15000 meditations can sound overwhelming, but you can filter depending on how long you want to do it (yes, as short as 1minute, so no excuse!), or benefits you want to achieve. A great way to start is with their free course to learn to meditate in seven days. I personally listen often to the meditations of Tomek Wyczesany (who holds a PhD in organic chemistry), or Yoga Nidra For Sleep from Jennifer Piercy.

2) Meditation Podcasts

You can find these in the podcasts app of your phone, or often in Spotify too. Here I cannot recommend enough the guided meditations of Yogatrotter. She was my teacher, and is also highly passionate about yoga as a mean of fostering creativity for writers. I started my meditation journey using the Meditations minis podcast, and although nowadays contain too much commercials, they are also great.

3) I focus and write guided meditations!

I will be posting short meditations that you can do in the office, when you wake up or at any other moment. And if you are one of my friends who misses me, it may feel like we are a bit closer ;) This one specifically uses a simple visualization technique that will leave you with a nice and calming feeling. To start meditating NOW, click on this link and I will send you an mp3 that you can listen whenever you want! And to not loose the momentum, once you receive the link, try it please!

So with this, I hope you feel motivated to start (and keep) meditating! There are many styles and voices, so I hope you can find yours. And you may start seeing benefits even after only four days of practice! I would love to hear your opinion, so please leave me some comments or send me an email.


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If you'd like to build a meditation routine for a more productive, creative and happier scientific life, I have for you some tips (as seen in Nature!), and a "meditation box" to start. 


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